Monday, August 20, 2007

MyPC Games Day Recap

I hosted the MyPC Games Day last month and we had such a good time. Lots of beginners and experienced gamers made for quite an interesting mix. It started out around 11 AM and we played a few warm-up games.

Brian H. showed up and was immediately enticed into a game of Railroad Tycoon. He played a game with a Games Day veteran, Marty who was eager to share his RT knowledge! They were waiting for Scott to show up and then got down to business! Here is a picture of them playing...

Railroad Tycoon
Railroad Tycoon

We played tons more games including:

6 Nimmt!
6 Nimmt!
With Jennifer (in green shirt), Ryan D., Caela L., Mitch G. and Tim E.

Caylus Magna Carta
Caylus Magna Carta
With Mary T., Lana B., Ken K. (standing in the background), Erin G., and Aaron.

We played allllllll day and had a blast. We finished off the evening with a few games of Werewolf! The werewolves were very good and killed off all the villagers at least one time! There was a chain reaction at one point when the village lynched Ron R. who was a hunter and a lover of Tim E., who was a werewolf. So, with one lynching, they got Ron and Tim, who died of a broken heart, but then Ron got one more shot off and killed another person (I can't remember who). So with one lynching, three people ended up dying!! It was quite amusing!

If you haven't tried the game events, you should give it a shot. The games are really different from regular American board games which are very much luck-based. The games we play at these events are "Euro" games and are more strategy-based. I'm planning on posting another one and as soon as I do, I will put a link to this post!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unemployment update

Hey all! Yep, I'm still unemployed, even after 8-10 good interviews. Everyone asks me after an interview, "How did it go?" I'm not sure how to answer that! I usually walk out thinking that I said the right things, looked good and exuded confidence and reliability. Then, the rejection letter. ): The most frustrating thing is that I'm being rejected for jobs in recreation and child care, which is exactly what I've been doing for the past 10 years. How is that possible? I've decided it's all about WHO ELSE is applying.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a job working in a non-profit organization, a form of social work or human resources, or fundraising, please let me know! I'm hosting a 2nd meeting of the "Career Changers" in MYPC - those that have been fired or laid off, or are currently working but looking for that elusive dream job. Here's the link:

Have a great week!
Shane M

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Great events for Beginners and SMs alike in LA this weekend!

Hello all!

Sunny LA can't make up its mind as to whether it wants to be in a heat wave or breezily comfortable in the low 80s this week. Good thing we've got Saturday and Sunday events that'll be fun whether you need a water fight to cool off afterwards or a sweater to fight off the chill.

Founder Jen T. and gamer extraordinaire Brian are hosting an awesome Summertime Scavenger Hunt on the west side on Saturday. Come on down, join a team, and do your best to solve all their tricky questions and clues while exploring Santa Monica.

Cool off Sunday afternoon at the giant Root Beer Float Social in NoHo, hosted by yours truly and The Jen, again. We'll enjoy frosty beverages, fun outdoor games, and getting to know each other at a big park featuring plenty of shade.

Whether you're on the west side or the east side, My People Connection's got the fun covered this weekend. See you there!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Unemployment is great!

This is Shane M:
So I got laid off from my job in December and I was trying hard to time my job searching so that I could enjoy some time off that was paid by my former employer! It's working so far - I have 2nd interviews at both Target (store management position) and Special Olympics (Director job in Santa Clarita) and I have an initial interview with the LAUSD next Tuesday. Wish me luck!

I've always worked for non-profit organizations and now I am trying to expand my options into the for-profit world. I think I can make more money and then do my do-gooder volunteer stuff for fun. My experiences as an EC for MYPC and the great networking are practice for interviewing!

During my time off I've done some traveling, done a lot of naval-gazing and done some planning for MYPC events. The next really cool event I'm putting together with Stephanie K and some other volunteers is the Road Rally on June 16th. It's a really fun, crazy driving event around Burbank. Check out the event here. Find 3 friends and sign up!!

Think job thoughts for me please!! (:

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Happy Holidays!

I want to take this moment to say a SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who has contributed to making My People Connection a success in 2006.

Thanks to all of our hard-working Event Coordinators who have made 2006 our BEST YEAR YET, with an average of 165 events a month in Los Angeles. You've put your whole heart into our club, and we appreciate your dedication.

Thanks, too, to all our members - new and veteran alike - who support our events by showing up, having fun, and meeting new friends while they explore our great city.

Also thanks to our Supporting Members who have financially contributed to the site, literally paying for our servers that all our members benefit from. Their contributions are worth far more than just the $40 a year they donate - without them, we wouldn't have a site.

Thanks to our Los Angeles City Administrator, Jackie, who has kept me sane for the past year while she approved all events, headed up our Event Coordinator (ECs) mentoring program, trained and upgraded our ECs, and co-chaired every fundraising event from inception to D-day. I can't believe she's only been a CA for a year, and she's an integral part of our team.

We also wouldn't be anywhere without our hard-working behind-the-scenes volunteer staff -- Peter, Devon, & Heather P have done a fantastic job on our site's coding and web design. We've counted on each of them for the day-to-day operations of our great site.

Finally, a special thanks to:

- Laura H and Trish D for their work in heading up the EC Support Team, creating a new EC Manual on our site, and creating a venues database as a future resource for ECs.

- Stephanie K and Shane M for planning our rollerskating fundraiser party and brainstorming future events.

- Rosemary C. who manages our exclusive partnership with Laemmle Theatres, including our Laemmle Movie Tuesdays that give our members 40% off tickets when they RSVP through our site for events and allow ECs to host for free. She's done a fantastic job of keeping track of ECs' movie picks, confirming, and posting their events.

- There are also dozens of folks -- too many to mention -- who've contributed to our success in the past year, attending our club-betterment meetings and sharing their great ideas. We appreciate all your help!

Have a great holiday, everyone!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Good for a chuckle

I've been on the back end of our site to check our hits after our "Your LA" NBC 4 story aired last Monday.

While I've learned that we had a moderate jump, I also was tickled by what random Google searches people use - and find OUR site. Who would believe our site was "just" about friends after reading these??

Disneyland pirates
don't forget to vote
feline circus
busty broads
assassins Emerson
san diego wedding planners
internal/external prostate massage
how to make a mannequin
november horror fest
recycled gift wrap
russian people
bill gates high school speech
skin bones parallel practices
christmas gag gifts
frog pond opening
uno stacko rules
batcave location
satanic clubs (Good god, people!)
peoples opinions of event coordinators
why people visit the museum
50s original chex mix
free sofa bed
what to write in holiday cards
carfax password
skateboarding event coordinator
jen tierney fashion (I didn't know they cared...)
wizard of oz corner
idiot central
butterflies santa barbara
chia pet gag
i'm a poor college student